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How to murder your guests with style!

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This is a step by step tutorial to show how we mlg people kill guests in RCT.

  1.  The first step is to build a rollercoaster. A nice one. One that your guests will enjoy. Make sure to decorate it. Make it fun and intense at the same time to make your guest happy. As seen below.                           SCR14.thumb.png.0c14db97bf69f19c2c5a363b
  2.  Make your park look nice. Add trees and mountains to please your guestsSCR16.thumb.png.5c539d527d5f226a3f107662
  3. Invite your guest in. He will love your rides. Let him enjoy the taste of your fries and soda. Let him have fun!SCR20.thumb.png.456640c173727915ad9c4c6b
  4. 4. Create a "V.I.P." Section of your park that your guest will be accepted into. He will love it!


    5. Create a VIP only launched free fall! And be sure to set the speed to max!SCR29.thumb.png.c667abf198040232324e0b59

    6. The more the merrier! Let him ride it with a friend! This will provide maximum 'exit'ment!SCR30.thumb.png.9acd0ba288ea102c889b5a91

    7. Blast off!SCR33.thumb.png.d2ff9633cd5e1f257e86359f

    And thats how you kill guests with sweg. Have a nice day!

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19 hours ago, YoloSweggLord said:

Yes folks that is how you kill guests with me.

Well, I posted this a while ago, before we were friends. So 'Swegg" had already gotten into my mind and I would not have used it if I had known you. I can change it if you want.

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