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Multi-dimension Coasters Always backwards

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The Seats Rotate, If you check the ride in the build menu there are little arrows pointing in which direction the seats will face at that point. should say "Seat Rot.' Which stands for seat rotation, if you want the seats to face forward they would need to be upside down, so 180% So for instance, after the first drop, make your ride an inverted roller coaster and flip the seats upside down. hope this helps, good example is 'X' the ride, if you watch the cars themselves they will flip around as it goes along the track.
So Technically no you can't without modding the game. but the ride is supposed to run like that.

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and i mean any multi-dimension coaster. I've seen "x" but sometimes if i design my own multi-dim coaster i would like it to run front facing, and the game is not allowing me to do this. Well thanks for trying to help, but maybe a webmaster will see this and be an even better help.. or i'll just make all my multi-dim coasters run backwards, because they'd probably have to re-code the game to change this.

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If the ride is under the track, you can make them face forward. But above is designed to face backwards. (I remember there being a sheet showing how this works, i'll look for it soon. I remember it being related to the Disneyland/Jurassic Park/Harry Potter scenery sets...)

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