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  1. Manoman

    Apex Park,

    Thanks for the feedback, A big reason why it looks so empty is due to the fact I partly never finished it, I've always enjoyed wooden coasters which is why I have a bunch of them but, I believe it or not only have around one of every ride, besides the wooden coasters which I think I have four of in this park? the two rides Vulture the purple and yellow coaster with the S drop. and Techno babble, the pink ride with another S drop are two different types of coasters, different cars and the majority of the track besides the drop. But I do agree that this is too big, but this park was never m
  2. Add openRCT2 to the steam list Click 'Add non steam game' in the bottom left corner of your library Then find the openRCT2 Exe, not the launcher but the game itself. then launch the game from steam and the steam UI should work.
  3. Manoman

    Apex Park,

    Close up links are here. I'm not sure how else to really contiune with this park at the moment so I'll just leave this up here for people to critique. North West View. North East View South East View South West View Click on image to zoom in, (Hold Middle click for easier scrolling.) Bonus Image of new landmass I started on today. Thanks for viewing! -Manoman
  4. I understand, I just don't think Just the Expansion packs are available for download legally. and I'm guessing buying the packs by themselves would cost more money then just buying the triple thrill pack.
  5. Check Amazon for the Triple Thrill Pack of RCT2. Or Steam if you want a downloadable copy.
  6. Hey everyone after re downloading the files via New element it seems placing any one of the three files i've shown to you causes the same ( ERROR[src\util\sawyercoding.c:107 (sawyercoding_read_chunk)]: Unable to read chunk data! ) Any Ideas on what could be causing this? Edit: Here are the new not corrupt fresh GWG------- Files just encase you guys would like to compare them in some way. GWG_Uncurrupted_RCT2Files.zip
  7. VERBOSE: loading object, D:\Old_Drive\Games\RCT\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack\ObjData\GWGRPBB.DAT ERROR[src\util\sawyercoding.c:107 (sawyercoding_read_chunk)]: Unable to read chunk data! ERROR[src\object.c:102 (object_load_file)]: Object Load failed due to checksum failure: calculated checksum -2137901753, object says 2094446126. ERROR[src\object_list.c:756 (install_object_entry)]: Object Load File failed. Potentially corrupt file: *╛¬7═¼⌐â VERBOSE: loading object, D:\Old_Drive\Games\RCT\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack\ObjData\GWGRPPST.DAT This is the info
  8. The Seats Rotate, If you check the ride in the build menu there are little arrows pointing in which direction the seats will face at that point. should say "Seat Rot.' Which stands for seat rotation, if you want the seats to face forward they would need to be upside down, so 180% So for instance, after the first drop, make your ride an inverted roller coaster and flip the seats upside down. hope this helps, good example is 'X' the ride, if you watch the cars themselves they will flip around as it goes along the track. So Technically no you can't without modding the game. but the ride is supp
  9. I do have some custom scenery and rides, and i haven't as my CD player isn't plugged into at the moment. not sure what would have caused the corruption, as i played the game just before, then had to restart my computer due to an update i think? after i tried playing the game again and got this. also i can't find the file that is corrupted. as the name they showed isn't in the data or objdata folder. Update: I'll Try temporary moving only the custom content from my games obj data and see if that fixes it, if that isn't it i'll try to find my RCT2 disc and reinstall the game. I've h
  10. Hey guys, I'm on windows 10, been playing OpenRCT2 for about 2 and a half weeks, went to go play and every time i attempt a launch threw the launcher window. or via the normal openrct2.exe i get these error codes, i've attempted updating and re-downloading the launcher more then once, still getting the same problem. Image of the command prompt. Copy of RCT2TTP is from disk. Any help would be fantastic guys! Update: For Anyone Else who might have this problem try moving your custom content to another folder or deleting it and see if that works.
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