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Why does RMC have custom track in picture?

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I noticed one day that I had an RMC rollercoaster on my rides list. I say to myself, "Holy crap! This game has RMC trains?!" and I put down the station and start building track, only to find that the track isn't the same type as in the picture in coaster designer. I was really let down by this. But then I asked myself, "What was the track I saw in the picture then?" and now I am asking the same thing. Does the RMC track seen in the picture available? If so how do I get it?SCR12.thumb.png.590bf0beb298e13a2613813e

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After a bit of searching, I figured it out.

I found 2 reddit posts by the creator of the custom ride.

Here is one announcing the RMC hybrid custom ride. In it it mentions an ibox track. After a bit of searching I found this. There he explains that it was a failed attempt to change the track sprites for the twister coaster into track sprites for an ibox track. So no, this isn't available, and even if it was, the track type would replace the twister track instead of creating a new track type.

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Actually, the intamin launched freefall doesn't have its own track. The thumbnail pic shows it on a roto-drop track. This is explained in the information under the vehicles tab of the ride info panel.SCR77.png.45a70ec564b1c27379e6bd319395b8

"The best look of this ride can be achieved achieved if you merge the vehicle type on the Gyro (Roto) Drop..."

If you try placing that ride, you will see that it is actually on the launched freefall track. You need to cheat it onto a roto-drop tower if you want to get it onto the characteristic circular tower.

Also, it is currently impossible to create a new track type in vanilla RCT2 without changing the coding. This is because the vanilla coding only recognizes the track types in vanilla RCT2. It is possible to replace a track type's files with new ones, but not to create a new track type altogether.

Hopefully the openRCT2 developers will, in the future, allow the game to recognize new track types. This would also theoretically allow us to also create new track elements, though these elements would need new car animations for them.

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I was referring to how the Intamin L. Free fall uses a different ride type then what's shown in the image. Also, the info you gave actually answers my questioning why the Steep hilled Juniors haven't been added yet. (The files for the track have been added, though not used).

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This has confused so many people that I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have posted screenshots of the custom track in the first place. So, to clarify, custom track styles are not yet supported in OpenRCT2. Maybe one day they will be, but for now it's not possible.

So what I did was I put the ride on B&M track, and then replaced the B&M track sprites with RMC track sprites. I swapped the sprites, recorded the animation, and then restored the original sprites. I used the custom track for the preview image, because the wooden track just looks awful (and if I'd known that to start off with, I would never have made an RMC train)

There's no point releasing it in this state because a) I didn't replace every sprite, just the ones I used,  b) my renderer isn't ready for track yet and the custom track is rather glitchy, and c) you would lose the Twister track. If somebody *really* wants to play with it, I might still have the file somewhere, but you would not want to keep it like that for very long.

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