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thewarf321's "Rollercoast"


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Hey guys!

This is a park that was made on thewarf321's sever. Since he doesn't have a forum account, I am posting this for him, with his permission.


These are the 4 main overall views that I took. More images can be found here.

Park File: WarfRollerCoast.sv6 

Make sure you have "export plug-in objects with saved games" checked under options>miscellaneous when you download the park since it contains a few custom rides.

If you want to see my "Waterflame" coasters in this park, there is another post here.

Special thanks to:

  • thewarf321 (server owner)
  • castarr
  • sensual ethiopian police brigade
  • dono
  • yoloswegglord (me)
  • kola
  • supra
  • thethrillman
  • meat tornado
  • rcgames
  • jet fuel
  • remi
  • cheese
  • openrct2isbetterthannormalrct2
  • improbabilities

If you helped with this project bet didn't recieve recognition, please notify me right away so that I can add you name to the credit list.


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...so can anyone answer my question about the Park file?

On 3/17/2016 at 10:36, YoloSweggLord said:

Question about the park file: since this project uses custom content, do I need to link a .zip file containing the park save and all the custom content used, or will the custom content data be saved automatically into the park save?


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