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  1. Hi, I was curious and wanted to bring up the idea of having benches and trash cans be like in RCT3 where you can place different types in the same path tile. Maybe possibly with a toggle for it. Not sure if this would be possible but I wasn't sure if the idea was brought up yet.
  2. Been working on getting better at scenery and themes.Here's an indoor log flume I've been working on if you have any recommendations or advice please tell me, this is my first time actually really trying at doing this, thanks.
  3. I think I read somewhere originally from the devs that this will happen but they have to figure out where the memory cap is in the game as they're reverse engineering it. Not 100% sure thats exactly whats going on seeing as I'm not helping develop the game yet but it was something along those lines.
  4. Hey, same thing is happening with me, I can launch the game just fine through the unpacked ZIP and the .exe works perfectly, but when I try to launch it through the launcher the same error pops up.
  5. Thanks a lot, and IIRC its in the Challenging Parks tab in vanilla RCT2.
  6. Angry_Hobo

    Fungus Woods

    Hi guys, first post on this forums and thought I might as well show off my completed version of Fungus Woods from the original RCT2 game.https://i.imgur.com/HgX2CFm.jpgThanks for taking the time to look.
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