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  1. Definitely the Twister. It's really one of the only roller coasters that I can make without it being ridiculously over-extreme, and I love the whooshing sound it makes. The Giga is also a favorite.
  2. It's an interesting concept, definitely. But what already present breakdown would this emulate, safety cut out, brake failure, etc.?
  3. I think, if you go to the autosave/ directory, it will have previous autosaves. Just go to the one with the date/time that you are looking for, then save it normally to save you the trouble of digging through the autosave/ directory.
  4. please do, I've been wanting to make a more realistic Intamin LSM coaster without having to use B&M tracks.
  5. If you look at the multiplayer window, there will be a box with your full name in it. Just type what you want your in-game name to be in it.
  6. I am unable to open the openrct2. When I try to, my computer says that it can not run on my computer. (for reference, it's a Iview Maximus II, a touchscreen laptop)
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