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  1. heres a better screen shot of the overall park! Things im redoing: go karts flume ride bungee thing
  2. Wow its been over like a year since I have played. Guess I got caught up in life. Oh well, here's a lil coaster I've been working on for the past week. If anyone is interested in a collab I would love to. I feel like this park is just an idea dump, but it definitely has potential. Enjoy!
  3. A little peak at another project coming along...
  4. Very creative stuff everyone! Here is another shot from my generic, midwest inspired park that I have been working on lately. Red Baron is the name of the B&M dive coaster.
  5. Really impressive stuff everyone! @saxman1089 That park looks spot on, is that a windseeker ride towards the back? Here's a screen shot of the park I am currently working on. The ride is supposed to replicate the Joker at Six Flags Great America.
  6. @SpiffyJack Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it! Heres a little update for all of you: I added a zamperla disko coaster, a little splash boat, river rapids, and and mauer sohne spinning coaster.
  7. Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! And @YoloSweggLord I used to play RCT3 about 5 years ago with custom content, but never before have I messed around with RCT2 and its custom content! This is my first stab at it! Here's a little update of what I have done over the past week with the park. Its just 4 large screenshots so you can freely look around. A lot of work still needs to be done , but I think its coming together quite nicely
  8. Ill go if nobody else is interested! EDIT: nevermind, looks like i will need to download the wackyworlds and the time twister expansion pack
  9. Sorry for holding everybody up! I have been working doubles lately and havent had time. ill be free sunday to help out!
  10. This is awesome guys! The bike race bit is my favorite thing tbh! Could i get in on this?
  11. Hi everyone! It's been too cold to do anything on my days off, so I've been building like crazy these past couple of days. Its still a WIP abviously, but I am determined to finish and make modify it. Tell me what you guys think! Suggestions? (More pictures soon)
  12. Looks convincing enough though. Good job on those renderings, very impressive work!
  13. Thank you! The game is just so nostalgic, and with the modern updates, its makes it that much better!
  14. This is very well done! And are those diagonal brakes i see too? Where did you manage to get that track type? I am in aw
  15. HI everyone, I'm Brandon and I just recently rediscovered Rct2 while digging through my old room. I just starting playing it again a few days ago and was sick of the limitations. I was totally unaware of the Open Rct2 project. I just downloaded it about a few days ago and am loving it. This is what I have so far. (Still a HEAVY WIP) Feedback, recommendations are encouraged.
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