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  1. Screw it! I got a windows computer lol... I really want to play. Regular Rct2 isn't cutting it for me Wineskin Winery wouldn't allow me to create a wrapper for my GOG game. I missed having a windows PC for rct anyway
  2. I'm super new to downloading this kind of stuff. I've only ever downloaded custom scenery. I'm interested in downloading OpenRCT2, I found several videos to help me, but I'm stuck on the part where you open OpenRCT2 for the first time and it asks you to find the file location of the rct2 files. I have a file specific to RCT2 but every file I choose, it doesn't recognize the location. I can't even open OpenRCT2 I have the GOG wineskin winery rct2 game on a mac OS. I'd really appreciate some help
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