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  1. I've been having this problem very consistently, where I'll open the build attraction menu, and then click the "coasters" tab, and the game immediately freezes, and then crashes. I don't know why it's started happening recently, but It's incredibly frustrating, and I'm wondering (1. Is anyone else having this issue? and (2. How can I fix this or will it be fixed in an update?
  2. Hi! I've been playing RCT2 since i was a little kid, and I found ORCT2 just a few months ago(wish I had found it sooner). Now, most fan projects take off for a little while and then quickly die out. I'm curious how active the devs are in this game, as far as updates, new content, hacks, etc. I'm also curious how much actual new content, if any, is planned to be added. Will there ever be new objects, scenery, track pieces, guest age options, new management abilities, new rides, etc. added to the game? I'm not trying to sound greedy or anything, I'm just honestly clueless, and I'm curious what the devs are interested/willing/capable of adding to the game. Are they able to add new content or just adjust existing content? After playing RCT3 and reading about some of the objects/features that didn't make it into RCT2, I'd be super excited to see a lot of those rides and features be added to this game.
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