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  1. Looks cool so far. I'd like to see some updates if you worked on it at all. I had the idea before of doing a park split down the middle with a past and future theme going on, but I've yet to tackle it. I'd have to put a decent amount of effort trying to maximize the rides and decorations available to fit the themes, but I think it would be pretty sweet.
  2. Feels a lot like going from the Sims to the Sims 2, as the best example I can think of. The game lost all of its charm and polish for a bunch of wacky bullshit. Neither of the games seem very good, or that far off from RCT3, which also suffered from a lot of the same problems.
  3. That park looks really cool so far. Its interesting to see how creative everyone can be while making their rides and parks. Are you still working on it? I wanted a gigantic park without super annoying terrain or restrictions, and a difficult/long term goal. so I made this scenario/map about two months ago. Land is super cheap to buy ($5), but loan interest is fairly high (20%) to add faux difficulty. Originally I wanted to work on it with some people (possibly over LAN since the multiplayer reliablity situation) and make different themed sections but I just ended up playing it
  4. I found the group on steam and joined it
  5. I found this version of the game and registered on these forums a few months ago but I forgot to make one of these generic introduction threads. I've played a lot of Rollercoaster Tycoon growing up, its been a favourite game of mine since it was released. I never really enjoyed anything past Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 though. I've been playing the game on and off for years, and I've always wished that there was basically a version exactly like this one. I've mainly been playing single player scenarios and tinkering with that type if stuff because I couldn't get the multiplayer part t
  6. I'm in Central time zone but I'd love to play on a dedicated server with some decent people. I love the game but its really hard to find a good middle ground between servers/games that are reliable, and players with decent skill/ambition/common sense, etc.
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