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  1. Ping! allows players to capture the attention of others through exploiting the extra viewport feature. Players interact with a simple UI that creates a viewport for a specific player or the entire server. This feature has an adjustable cooldown to prevent spam. A versatile and invaluable tool for every server. Instructions: Players access the Ping! UI through the map button. Then choose to send a Ping! to a specific player or the entire server: Whola! A viewport shows off your new roller coaster or displays an issue that requires other players attentio
  2. thoroughly is spelled well.. I just said it. At the following link the word is spelled incorrectly: throroughly https://openrct2.org/downloads
  3. Refurbish Manager allows players to charge the best ride prices by observing the age of attractions in the park. It consists of a window that lists all rides and allows ride filtering. The main feature offered is a button that quickly refurbishes all rides in the manager's list. Activate this feature carefully as it can cost a significant amount of money. It ignores rides that are under six months old. Refurbish any specific ride through clicking the corresponding list item. Open this menu through the map button: Technical: - Shops are automatically filtered
  4. A few suggestions from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about OpenRCT2 first time reading this website: I really couldn't figure out the extent to how much OpenRCT2 changes RCT2. Basically I understood this: OpenRCT2 Fixes crashes, bugs, and has quality of life changes. But when I read "expanding the game with new features" I questioned if this was a new edition of the game with tons of balances changes? I couldn't answer that question reading the website. The FAQ could have a few more elements in it. The home page shouldn't just describe what RCT2 is, it should describe
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