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  1. hey thanks for your help, she hosted the server and it worked. So when I play with her, she will host, if I play with other, I will host Thanks alot for the help!
  2. My friends from other networks can join me, but she cant.
  3. Hi, I pinged from her pc to mine, it went through, but from my pc to hers, it says request timeout, 4 lost.
  4. connection works fine when I do it with the same pc, I was able to load in the server with 2 instances of rtc running on the same pc.
  5. ok I will send you both screenshots but it says im allowed to send 0 messages per day
  6. Also my sister is using the ttp demo and I am using the ttp from steam.
  7. Not sure, I'm using Kaspersky anti-virus, I deactivated it and windows firewall and it seems to not fix anything. Should I try again? If you can tell me how to open the port on windows firewall it'd be nice also I have windows 10 Thanks for the quick reply, I've been trying to fix this for the past 2 days!
  8. Hey, thanks, but everytime she tries to connect to me, it says connection closed. Here is everything I tried: Entering IP in add server, she gets unable to connect. Entering IP in add server using Hamachi, she gets No Data error. Clicking server name in server browser, unable to connect. On my side, I always see that she connects to the server but then it says has disconnected (Connection Closed). PS: I made a server to see if anyone else can join, it's called MyThoLoGy's server. please let me know if it works on your end! Thanks!
  9. Hi little question, can my sister and I play on the same server if we are in the same house and on the same network. I forwarded my port 11753, sites can see it, its open, but when she tries to connect, it says unable to connect. Also, I tried disabling the firewall on my pc, still doesnt work. She can join other servers, as can I. I am not good with server things so if you can help me without it being too complicated, it'd be nice. Thanks!
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