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Have you played on his server before?  

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  1. 1. Have you played on his server before?

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If we're going to promote a server, I think Br34k sure need the spotlight for that.

Br34k has two servers in the game:

  • [Public]Br34k Gaming 24/7 - Br34k.com
  • [Public]Br34k Gaming Greifing Server - 24/7 - Br34k.com

Why Br34k should be on the list is because these two servers are always up-dated to the newest version off the game, always running 24/7, has it's own automatic system where it switches maps every 3 hours and can restart itself if it crashes with the latest autosave!

Check his server out if you want a quick server to play on in multiplayer!

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I swear I've only seen the Griefing server have actual Grief only 2 times out of 10. The rest of the times it's just regular Realistic builders making cool stuff then giving up when the server automatically changes scenarios. At the end I leave with "Senor Bob was here" made in terrain paint when no one is around. Actually, imma do it right now.

Just found once again they were actually building some decent things:


Until the server changed parks once again.

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