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continuous disconnect

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i am getting disconnected almost on the dot and always or (definitly) within about 1 to 3 minutes of joining any room/server.
I also have to close and reopen openrct2.exe after this happens because after i do get disconnected once and i try to re-join a room i get an automatic: "unable to connect:connection closed" message until i completely close and reopen openrct2.exe. 
I am using open- air xfinity wifi that i log into through a web browser and i was told by other users that this is probably the problem, but several weeks ago it seemed as if i would last about 20 minutes or more in most rooms without getting disconnected. By the way, i have few problems doing normal web browsing and video watching (except for an occasional pause or disconnect usually 1 every three hours). 

I am wondering do i have to set up a home internet connection or is this a bug in the open rct2 exe file?

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I also con not start a room of my own. I tried opening ports and completely deactivating my firewall and it still did not seem to work. Maybe i am doing this wrong or maybe its my internet connection. Once again i am using xfinity open air wifi that i log into through a web browser. And by the way when i get disconnected from a room usually within one minute i first get a desync warning then a stutter, then a freeze, freeze, disconnected message. this was not as bad several weeks ago. Why might this be happening???

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Seeing as you're using Wi-Fi, do you have access to the Router's IP from your computer? You need to allow the port you will use for hosting your server from withing the Router's settings, even after all the usual port allowing stuff. Try doing that. The default port used by OpenRCT2 is 11753. 

When you connect to a server, immediately check your ping from the Multiplayer window. High pings mean too much latency, and eventually that will disconnect you. Also, what is your current downloading/uploading speed? That should matter less, but do a speed test on that. On a Wi-Fi connection, get closer to the Router to get better performance. Do other devices use the same connection? If so, disconnect them from the network to get a better share of the overall speeds you should be getting :D

I hope I was helpful!

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no i told you im using open air xfinity, i have no router or modem, i have to log in through google chrome using my computer's wifi. i suppose i will just have to set up an in-home type wifi like dsl or cable, because i am getting completely disconnected every two minutes. and thanks this was somewhat helpful but it doesn't seem like you read my entire message. Ziscor; you also helped me in an actual server before and i said "thanks for being helpful.".

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I'm sorry, I didn't know what Open Air xFinity was. I had to Google it just now. That's a free-WiFi project in the US, right? In that case, I'm not sure you can really do anything about it :/.

(I almost recalled you from a recent session of OpenRCT2 :D.)

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