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Well, hi I guess. Some of you may know me already.

I suppose I should start with how I got into RCT2. A while ago I found a copy of the game in some weird video game store. I had heard a few good things about it so I bought it. I played it for a while to get a good feel of the game and how it works, but after a while I kinda just stopped playing it because I was getting rather forgetful and wanted to work on other things.

Then, I found Vinesauce Joel's video of the OpenRCT2 Multiplayer disaster. It was a great video, and I had learned about this whole project. So, I downloaded it, gave it a test run yesterday with a few other people, and it worked pretty good. And then I found out about the forums, so I decided to register here because why not, most of the servers are locked with a password so I figured I may want to come on here to find people that want to play or just discuss the game.

And that's really it. *shrug* I don't have much to say right now, so I'll just lurk around here until I see something interesting.

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Hello, welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you're enjoying the project. If you like building parks together, you might like to take part in the Group Parks that are being held on this forum (turn based). In a few days I'll probably start a new park, and everyone is welcome to join.

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