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Building tips/tricks/useful info?

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I see you guys posting some screenshots of your builds and I see quite some solid stuff that I would never come up with!
Do you guys have any tips/tricks/useful info on how to go about it?

Got a few things that I haven't figured out, like how to build water on the corners of the river rapids attractions (if you build it completely in water, the corners have no water :c)
And just how to go about the scenery.. I usually build the attraction first and then start the scenery, but I'm quite horrible at it and don't really know where to go with it :P 

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I'm not one to make masterpieces or anything,  so this is not going to be much helpful, but here goes:

Well, there's one thing I got to know about from these forums, and that is building trains/trams that overlap the roads. It looks pretty nifty and convenient :D. For that you just Disable Clearance Checks and that pretty much allows you to do it. My assumption over the River Rapids would be the same. 

As for the scenery, I just build the attraction first, hide said attraction and build scenery around it :P. Sometimes I feel like using the landscaping tool just to clear out edges or, make them more obvious. All I can say is, keep messing around with the scenery objects in game until you find out what looks good with what and when to use it ;).

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Putting water on the corners of a River Rapids requires Zero Clearance, there is custom scenery that is made specifically for this, but just raising water works as well (One of the title screen parks demonstrate this, however for this to work properly, you need to place water over the whole thing). To actually do it you need to build the ride first, then fill with water. This also works with scenery objects, allowing you to build underwater. A thing to keep in mind is that you can make walls 2 thick, you can use this for extra detail like on Steel Knot's station seen in Group Park 2

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Funny enough I now automatically turn on 0 Clearance and have tried that, Imlegos, but for some reason I couldn't build the water 'through' the attraction.. The scenery stayed perfectly in place underneath the water but the attraction wouldn't work for me. Shall try again in a bit!

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