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Forrest Roller Coaster Park

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Woah, it's been a while since my last post. I just kinda forgot this site existed...

Anyway, here's a new park I've been working on.
It's located in the middle of a forrest, and so far it's got 5 roller coasters.

Forrest Park.sv6

Here's some screenshots for y'all:

Mammoth, the park's hypercoaster:


Abandoned Mines, which I think looks pretty nice:


Just a pic of the south side:


Hope you'll like it!

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10 years later... :D

Finally I've added something new! So here's the latest version of *forest* park!

Forest Park.sv6

I made 2 new rollercoasters:

Mythical Beast (it needs a better name)


It's a floorless coaster... and its intensity is almost too high. It's still a very good coaster though.
Also includes a neat double-loop thingy... you'll see what I mean.

Super Boomerang


It's a big vekoma boomerang-style coaster, pretty basic stuff, I know

The park now has over 1200 guests. I also added some other rides, like some bumpercars.
Expect another update in 2 weeks to 2 months!

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