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Cities: Skylines

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In case anyone was interested in getting Cities: Skylines, Steam put this title at $11.99 for the weekend.  This is a ridiculously low price for such a fantastic/immersive simulator.  The developers released it at $29.99 even though it would have been worth every penny of $59.99+.

I figured I would share this here since this game is along the lines of RCT being that it is a simulator/creation game.  It is by far the best city simulator ever created (yes, over SC4).  Oh, and can we say mods/custom content?^_^  Beware: you do need a decent rig to run this game.

Anyone else create cities?

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I can't get over the fact that my laptop can't run it. :c Well, it does run it, but when the city grows, I have to lower the settings because of the lag, and I don't want to do that because it looks awful, so it's in my steam library but is kind of a waste of money as I don't really have fun with it and haven't played it in a while.

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