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Instant Disconnect onjoin whenever park holds many guests.

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So as stated in the title, whenever I am on my Dedicated Server everything seems fine but whenever I either get disconnected or try to rejoin with many guests in the world it'll disconnect me the moment I try to navigate to the place where all the attractions/guests are.

I have the option on to keep me connected even when there's a desync but it simply disconnects me without reason.

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Just found out that whenever I am alone on the Dedicated Server (1 person excluding the host, headless) I get network desync message just once and that's it. But whenever other people join as well it'll simply wont allow me to connect.

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23 hours ago, Broxzier said:

Are you sure you have the option to stay connected checked?

Yes I have this option checked (enabled) and it simply keeps doing what's being shown in the video above. In fact both options do the same thing, the host doesn't even show up in the multiplayer screen as if it even refuses to connect in the first place.

Removing the files in the documents to reset settings does not help.

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