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How do i connect to a friends server???

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Hi there!

Me and my friend are big fans of the roller coaster tycoon series and have recently gotten into rct2 and thus, found rct2 Open! We have always dreamed about playing multiplayer and building parks together, and we found out now that this is actually possible! I made my own server, making it private and setting it up with a password and name was easy - however, my friend has found the server, but he cannot join it as there seems to be a dark red circle next to the name. If he clicks on my server, a message pops up saying that it is 'unable to join'... any suggestions/solutions?


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4 hours ago, RuneLaenen said:

Woops sorry, didnt know there were multiple shades of red


It wasn't clear to me either, I didn't even know what they represented at all until I looked into it. This should probably be made more clear. But that's something else :P

11 hours ago, The_superior-nemesis said:

I believe this to be the case, thankyou:) any suggestions on what to do?


I suggest you both download the same version, preferably the development version since that one is more stable for playing over a network.

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12 hours ago, The_superior-nemesis said:

okay, so we are definitely on the same build now ( or something like that) however it says that we need to open our ports - unable to reach game server, make sure your ports are open - any help???


Well... Did you (or whoever who ran the server) open your port? If you don't know how to do this, you can ask your Internet service prodider. We can't really help you with that since it's different for each router or isp.

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