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  1. we've checked this, someone on another forum is helping me open my port now but im not having any luck with it
  2. So me and my friend are new to rct2 and we've always wanted to play together. We recently found out about open rct2 and were really excited to play multiplayer. However, when we make a lobby and the other person tries to join in, there is a dark red circle with a message saying - unable to connect to server. Any help? Thanks
  3. okay, so we are definitely on the same build now ( or something like that) however it says that we need to open our ports - unable to reach game server, make sure your ports are open - any help???
  4. I believe this to be the case, thankyou any suggestions on what to do?
  5. ok, i.ll check again, does ot make a difference that the circle is a crimson red, does this mean something else?
  6. Yes, we are both running the latest version and it still won't work
  7. Hi there! Me and my friend are big fans of the roller coaster tycoon series and have recently gotten into rct2 and thus, found rct2 Open! We have always dreamed about playing multiplayer and building parks together, and we found out now that this is actually possible! I made my own server, making it private and setting it up with a password and name was easy - however, my friend has found the server, but he cannot join it as there seems to be a dark red circle next to the name. If he clicks on my server, a message pops up saying that it is 'unable to join'... any suggestions/solutions?
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