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Strange Guest Behaviour

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Hi again!

Alright, so I had basically made a park and I was quite hooked on to it. I'll tell you now, I'm using a month old 0.0.4 build. I had used some cheats like fixing vandalism, clearing litter, renewing rides, etc. The strange thing I noticed was that some few guests would go on a ride the second time and come out with 0 Happiness. All would be well while they were on the ride, but as soon as they would come out the exit, they were ANGRY AS HELL.

So I experimented with two guests isolated in a place with bare minimum things like a couple benches, bins, Food, Drinks, Restroom and a Merry-Go-Round. The first time they both went it, they came out with nearly full Happiness meters. The second time they came out, one of them was FURIOUS while the other was ECSTATIC. If someone wants, I'll upload the park I have if they wanna check it out themselves. In any case, I have uploaded a picture right after the second visit to the ride.


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On 14-2-2016 at 20:09, ziscor said:

I'm using a month old 0.0.4 build

Please don't post any errors or wrong stuff using an old build. It's very possible the thing has been fixed by now. It would be great if you retried your experiment with the newest build. If it still happens, then something is indeed wrong :) 

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Okay, so here's the park. The guest I'd named Test Subject 3 got so unhappy that he made up his mind to leave the park, so I got another guy in to the isolated corner. If they both want to leave the park, all I can suggest is do another trial.

(Note: The isolated spot is in the corner which is nearest to the pond/lake in the park in case you can't find it.)

Test Evergreen.sv6

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