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iv been hosting public servers mainly cause i just want to get to know the community as im new to openrct2, its fun havin randoms join in but sometime my server gets really lagged out and ppl start gettin kicked out cause of the lag spikes fromm ppl who can never join and yea it always ends in chaos cause players are tryin to re-join while someguy is just spammin my server constantly failing to connect lmao is just chaos atm.  i would like to see some in-game host options like un advertise server, lock/unlock server joins or maybe even add a password. i dunno if any of this is on your guys to do list 

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5 hours ago, Broxzier said:

You can already add passwords to your server, people will have to enter these before any park information is sent to them.

 uhm are u saying u can add passwords during a game? meant host options for during a server session. i think a un advertise server check box would be nice for now. just so i can temporary hide from crazy ppl that spam click my room.

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confused xD
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