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A short "hi" message

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Hey guys, i just want to tell you im New here :)

my name is Michel, and im from the netherlands!

im Reading this forum already for a while, but now i want to play too.. But ive got issues starting up the game.. Will tell you in a different topic :)

if you have any questions, don't hasitate, im here and i answer anything you want to know! Well.. Except for my bankcard code 😂

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18 hours ago, Broxzier said:

Welcome Michel, many if not most of us are Dutch :P What's the colour of your toothbrush?

Haha sounds awesome!!

the collor is blue 😂

10 hours ago, RuneLaenen said:

Hallo en welkom ;)

Most people on here are indeed Dutch or Belgian (well, I am iac :P )

Thanks ^^ dank je Wel!!

7 hours ago, Wuis said:

I'm also Dutch! Sooo whats your bankcard code?!

If I give you my bank, do you put money on it then?? 😂

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