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A steeper chain lift hill

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Been looking around for any example of it's use and as far as I can tell, people either don't use it or they don't know about it.
I'm hoping it's the latter otherwise I've been a fool.

Simply start with an shallow hill and chain followed by a steeper incline with no chain then a shallow piece with no chain... then repeat. Just bear in mind, the coasters you intend to use must have enough carriages to bridge the gap between two chain lift segments. I've only tried this with wooden and corkscrew coasters but I assume it will work for all that can incorporate a steep hill segment.

Side by side comparison with synchronised coasters...OWWp0vl.png


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I most of the time don't use it because it simply is unrealistic. I'd rather increase the chain speed of a coaster than that. Seeing this thread though, I was thinking of doing an indoor coaster with such a lifthill, as you don't see it anyway.

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It'd probably work better to use Vert drop's steep lift hill for twisters only. I think that Looping coasters have a steep hill lift, but it's backwards, so if you knew how to layer you could  use that as well. As for Juniors and Woodies, i don't think it's possible as there's no sprites for similar tracks (As far as I know anyway)

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