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I love the OenRCT2 project so far and I enjoy the many added features.

I'd love to see a few more cheat options added.

Here are my few suggestions for cheats:

Disable Car/Train limit, example on a ride that only allows 6 cars per train you could force it to be 8 or more.

Allow an option to save cheats, for instance I always play with Freeze Climate, Show vehicles from other track types, and Show all operating modes, switched on. It would be lovely to have them activated always.

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I doubt if disabling the cars per train limit will work properly, as it is either limited by the coaster type or station lenght. If trains are longer than the station it might cause bugs with peeps entering and I don't know how the physics calculations react to new things. Still it might be funny to see a train of 30 cars on a steel twister coaster.

As for disabling number of trains limit, you got my full support. In fact, I played RCT1 with a patch that allowed me to put 12 trains on any coaster and I used more than would fit in the station quite often. RCT2 fixes most issues quite nicely with the introduction of block brakes, but when using continuous circuit mode this cheat would be very useful.

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