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Game Freeze

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This probably is a common problem, but I thought i would share anyway. I was playing fine for hours on end. Started a new scenario and the game froze but the background music/noise was going on fine. It froze right after i clicked the ride selection to build the "mini maze" as you can see the picture. First time the game froze since the first time I started playing it. Just thought I'd let you guys know of the problem since there probably isn't a fix for it yet. Thanks.


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I am experiencing a problem like this too, and it is reproducible for me. I'm playing the first crazy castle campaign, and I have had it freeze putting in different roller coasters in different locations. I can repeat it when attempting to place the collusus 1 roller coaster as shown in the very top corner, and then moving it towards the water. I actually think it is time based though, ie if it takes over a minute to place the ride (trying to find best location), then it freezes.

When it freezes, the mouse icon also changes to a Zzzzz icon. I don't know if this is relevant?


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I ran a test because I was having similar happenings. Using development 964cf66 and a blank park with no rides, after 5-7 "days" the freeze takes place. It only happens using rides that have been hacked (this ride doesn't show up on the stable version).

Using rides that show up on the stable version, you can hold them for a long time on either version. I kept one for 30 days on both stable and develop versions. They haven't generated any dump files because I have to open the task manager to close the game.

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