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OpenRCT2 Launcher not installed?

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Sorry if I am posting things too much

I got the launcher from the openrct.net since downloading .exe nor .zip. files from here didn't work.

As you can see in the picture, it says that openrct2 is not installed or not found, and also says "Downloading" which does like nothing.

Do I have to download another file or something?

Please help me out from this technical problem pool.


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Hmm something goes wrong while downloading the game. update.zip is the filename the launcher gives the game while updating :P 

Can you try downloading the zip manually from openrct2.com? Your browser might actually tell you what goes wrong. If that does work, unzip it in the bin folder and restart the launcher. That should then work ^_^

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The launcher will get a total makeover soon so you can try it again when it has been released. I also think someone else (janisozaur or lrflew, I don't quite remember) is working on another launcher which should work on Windows, OSX and Linux. So it might get better in the future :)

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I'm having this issue as well.  The launcher is actually deleting everything in the bin folder and never installs anything at all.  I've downloaded the .zip file from above (v4.0) and can load the game from within the bin folder.  But as soon as I open the launcher, everything in the bin folder gets deleted... Very recent issue.

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