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  1. Hello all, I'm sure this isn't the "best" place for the devs to see this feature request. But one of the big features missing from OpenRCT2 that is available in 8cars is the option to lower track. This is especially important when using track for decoration! RCT2 raises track in units of 2, but with 8cars and raising/lowering track, it allows you to raise/lower track by single units. Which allows you to create cool walls with monorail track! Was wondering if this is something in the pipeline? Here is an example of this in action, with a garden! These walls are just monorail track lowered by single units.
  2. I'm having this issue as well. The launcher is actually deleting everything in the bin folder and never installs anything at all. I've downloaded the .zip file from above (v4.0) and can load the game from within the bin folder. But as soon as I open the launcher, everything in the bin folder gets deleted... Very recent issue.
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