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Log Flume doesn't start + crash

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I was looking through the Community Park V2.50 and suddenly noticed the log flumes stopped loading passengers, even though it's opened and fixed. When saving it for further inspection, the entire game crashed. I noticed stuttering sounds quite a few times before the crash (more often than only when autosaving).


It crashed just before the next autosave, so I only have one from 5 minutes before this happened. 


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I noticed many more rides have the same issue. Visible on Superb Subs, the river rapids ride and Original Round Car Trip in the save Subs_FAIL.

Also got a few ton more crashes, and the autosave attached immediatly crashes when loading (or after unpausing if loaded with the game paused). Note that all land/attractions are one tile off, while the vehicles remained in the same place (resulting in being shown off the track). The game also crashes after a while in all other scenario's I've tested (including an official scenario completed in the original game).

I guess both are related to the new vehicle_update decompilation.



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