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I want to go home

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Does anybody know a solution or have any suggestions to fix this problem? (see screenshot) Peeps keep logjammed trying to find the park exit which is literally on the other side of the park. (I'm not sure if it's a bug but I've never had this problem to anywhere near this extent when playing the original game)

I've tried making the maps free in the info kiosks with no joy and then giving all guests a map.

I've tried picking them up individually and dropping them by the exit but they just head back to here.

I've tried giving them full energy but they just do the same thing, only faster.

I've tried deleting the path but they just congregate on the next path over.

I've tried building an underground path from there to the exit but they just ignore it.

I've tried drowning the little ****ers which does solve the problem but  kind of defeats the purpose and drags my park rating down even quicker.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

By the way to any devs reading this, you are doing an amazing job with Openrct and it's very much appreciated.


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I'm experiencing asimilar problem in my park. Out of nowhere, they're all getting stuck somewhere. There's 1000+ guests in my park, and non of them are on any of the rides 'cause they're either looking for ride entrances or the park exit. The layout of my park has been the same for ages, without ever causing any problem, and I always play in the Development Builds mode. Any suggestions?


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