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My wip, Hunters End.


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cheers guys,

Yeah it's all custom content. To get the curved lines you need the GW road set (all the dats start with the code GWRD and can be downloaded from nedesigns park objects tab) but especially the 2 pieces with the path attatched (gwrdrc16.dat andgwrdlc16.dat.)

Once you have these pieces it's easy.







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Hi Wobbly and thanks.

NEdesigns.com is the best place for any custom content, just download some of the parks from there and it will automatically load any custom pieces when you open it. (I have a file with about 7000 custom pieces that I've downloaded from various sites if theres anything specific you are looking for.)

Also it's worth checking out Amazing Earls site (ae.rctspace.com) for his superb custom rides.

Getting closer to finishing now. heres my new coaster, Launhpad


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