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Untitled Park, WIP

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You probably uploaded the screenshot but did not drag it to your post.

Nice start! I really like the hyper coaster- simple and classic design.

I would suggest simplifying the paths by making them wider, especially the bottleneck happening at the entrance of the wild west area. Instead of using smaller path leading in many directions, have large corridors that snake around the park to help with peep management.

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I did drag the screenshot, but it said something about an error? I dont't know, it was probably way too big, so I divided it into smaller pictures:


Main area/gardens:


Western area:




There is probably some way to collapse those pics, but I don't know how to do it, so sorry for pagestretching.

Like you said, I probably need to reamake some roads. Peeps also seem to get stuck in the two "roundabouts",  they just circle them forever...

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For peeps getting stuck: check where they're going to and make sure they have a path going in that direction. The AI has some problems with temporarily going the other way to reach something. If guests want to reach the exit from the roundabout at the bottom of the second image, they can't, you need to add a shortcut path there.

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