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Translators? (Portuguese-BR)


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Hello there RCT fans,I recently got the OpenRCT2 for the first time and I'm loving it! Since I'm a huge fan of RCT series since 2003 (when I first met RCT1) are you guys from the development team looking for translators for my language? I could volunteer to translate the mod to Portuguese-Brazilian in my free time! Would love to help this mod for my favorite game in ages!Thanks for reading, cheers!

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A contributor already did some effort to provide a translation for Brazilian Portuguese, but stuck at 55% and has been inactive for three months. I have put his translation here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/Localisation/blob/master/data/language/portuguese_br.txtYou can click the pencil icon to make changes to the translation, and when you're done, submit a pull request so the changes can be merged into OpenRCT2.He marked some strings with a * to indicate they should be checked.Also, a lot of things have changed in the language file. This is the file yours should be based on: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IntelOrca/OpenRCT2/develop/data/language/english_uk.txt (this one is always up to date)

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I have the original RCT2 cd in PT-BR. Does it helps?
The original file is already on Github (see the first link in Gymniast's post). There are however a lot of untranslated new strings, or badly translated old string. If you speak Portuguese-Brazilian (or any other 'foreign' language), please feel free to help translating the project.
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