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Staff placement bugs / Rollercoasters /

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Hi there,


I have been playing OpenRCT2 now for the third day and i have seen some really annoying bugs and found them with someone else named: Vikman.

First one:

* Staff does not get placed on the screen of the other player and once i reconnect, the security guard was just totally gone and not placed.

and sometimes this leads to server crashes and more. This occurs when a player want to reconnect and crashes instantly of after a few seconds


* Second One

* Sometimes it looks like for other that a Rollercoaster isn't finished while it is for the builder. I mean that some pieces of the ride are just missing. So it looks like for the other client that the ride is closed ( Duh ).

We both have been using 0.0.3 and the 0.0.4 Beta. We most of the time play on 0.0.4


Third One:

* Visitors are also out of sync. I asked Vikman how much he got, and he had 1164, where i had 1162. This stuff is all out of sync.

Only thing that works for 90% is when others are building something. That does Sync properly most of the time.


See picture ( Ignore the Network desync ) it's annoying to ( fix that asap ).

to place staff, we have to use Single Player everytime.



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The source of the problem with all of these is the same: You have been playing while not being synced anymore. The second one is the most obvious, when the builder placed that part, the server never reached this packet (or perhaps wasn't able to build, because one of you had clearance checks disabled). To keep things working, always assume the server is the right one, never stay connected for too long after a desync. Your park might be completely different from the server over time, so it's best to reconnect occasionally.

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So there's nothing able to fix with those annoying Desync pop up when someone connects ? It doesn't only happen to me as i spoke to Vikman on the chat in that server.And Players are even getting the Lost Connection ( No data ) once they connect.

Pretty sure there is something to fix when placing staff in the park. You can see that someone hires one, but it doesn't get placed at all for other clients. 

The properway, but annoying way is getting into Single Player and place them there, and save the park and reload the server with that.


We've been using OpenRCT2 0.0.4 Build 1582 now.


Ok desync when someone has a Very bad connection is ok and seen this happen in San Andreas Multi Player, but that's totally something else.

But Desync with a good connection ? There is something to fix about that.

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1 minute ago, daand12 said:

Ok desync when someone has a Very bad connection is ok and seen this happen in San Andreas Multi Player, but that's totally something else.

But Desync with a good connection ? There is something to fix about that.

Of course, but there's a lot more to it that just staying connected. To stay synced, all actions from all players should be handled by everyone who is connected to the server at the same time. Obviously this is not possible because of data transfer taking some time, so instead things get simulated and checked if things are in sync. If not, then that message pops up. To fix this, all actions that cause a desync need to be made so that it doesn't trigger a desync. If you know how to trigger one step-by-step, then please let us know, it will make this more stable.

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Maybe the server should check every 15~30 seconds at all connected clients if there is something different to others, if so then the server must sync that.


For example as a mention earlier that if there is a Roller Coaster fully operational at 1 client and 1 not, then sync the roller coaster to the second client to finished state and operational.


Same for Staff Members, If out of sync at 1 client and 1 not, then sync to the bad synced client. It just never syncs to others if i place a Handymen. This must be done in Single Player in order to get it working.


Don't know nothing about C Coding at all :), but i'd like to think with you.

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