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Bug Report - Sound Issues / Incorrect Error Message

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Just wanted to report a couple of bugs I came across recently:

1. This one involves the game speed changer. Whenever I revert the game speed back to normal after initially speeding it up, I've noticed that the coaster sounds don't play at the correct frequencies based on what speed the coaster is going. For example, I have a 160ft Hypercoaster in my park and when it hits top speed, the game plays the coaster sound as if the train is only moving about 30mph. Along with this, I've also noticed other coasters playing their train sounds much faster than they're supposed to be.

2. When I attempt to build a coaster below the minimum underground height, I get a misleading error message displaying "too high" rather than "too low.'

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On 12/24/2015 at 10:53, Broxzier said:

I'm unable to reproduce either of them. What build are you using?

UPDATE: I've found that this sound issue is not caused by the game's speed setting. It seems to be that whenever I save the game with a window opened, (particularly the scenery window), it will effect the coaster sound immediately upon saving. Hopefully this provides you with enough info to look further into this bug. Thanks!

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