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Go Karts - riders never leave

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i don't think i've seen this previously addressed - How about a fix for the go-karts ride......after the riders complete the race / circuit, they just sit in the cars at the start line. nobody moves. over time, people complain ' i want to get off of this ride'. there's no work around for that currently. Can we get a fix for that? in the CD version of the game, the riders complete the ride and leave the ride. since openrct2, that's never been the case. Thanks

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Not sure what you're referring to, but I haven't seen this isuue (if I understand what you mean). The only time peeps just sit in the cars is when they're waiting for all cars to be filled. Otherwise, when the race completes, as they arrive at the station, they leave the cars and somebody takes their place. They still have to wait until the cars are full of new drivers, which does depend on how long it takes the winner to do thier victory lap.

If you're talking about queue times, then yes I've had this frequently, even with TVs, so I just shorten the queue line to a bit longer than the number of cars.

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