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Hansa Park Recreation Build Log / New Project!

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Hello, after I finished Equia world, it's time for a new project. This time I wanted to make a recreation, so I am recreating my home park hansa park! 

First, I painted the park layout with different ground textures. It was quite hard to fit the layout, because it has many diagonals, so I had to take some creative liberty sometimes :)

Then it was time to build the biggest coasters of the park. I build Kärnan, Nessie, Flucht von Novgorod and Crazy Mine first. Then I added some other rides, just to have a better overview over the layout. 

Definetly it Kärnan and Crazy Mine were the most difficult coasters to build, but they turned out greatly.

Then I started theming Kärnan, just because the big tower is the icon of the park. 





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Today I really got started on the park entrance. I added the big entry gate, which is called Holstentor. It's actually a replica of the old building in Lübeck. Then I started building the many hanseatic houses which surround the entry. I also tried to build a part of the bridge, which crosses the road, including the elevator. After this was done, I started terraforming and building the big plaza, that is located directly next to the entrance. For this I recreated the Hanse Karusel, which is a Merry Go Round. After this I did some details. 




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Just for information, it may just be for me as well, but the last few posts of yours with pictures, have not shown up, just the file name and the broken link icon.

I don't know if anybody else is having this issue currently.

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6 hours ago, ExCrafty said:

Just for information, it may just be for me as well, but the last few posts of yours with pictures, have not shown up, just the file name and the broken link icon.

I don't know if anybody else is having this issue currently.

Yes, I also noticed this issue. Can anybody help me how to fix this? 

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Short update on what I build today! 

Today I focused on two things:

First I recreated the "Hansapark Express" Train Ride, which actually was really tricky. Of course I also build the main station of the ride. Then I recreated the Karusel Baltique, another Merry Go Round. I also already did the surroundings of this attraction, so I build one house as well as the construction area, which is called "Best Kept Secrete". This is the spot, where the next big attraction will go. After all this was done, I started adding the "Hanse Flieger" swing ride, that will be a shoestring. 


(I hope the images will load this time)

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Today I made massive progress! I focused on the scotland themed area. First I recreated Nessie and Royal Scotsman. Recreating these coasters was really tricky, and sometimes I really had to take some creative liberties. Then I added the station and brakerun buildings from Nessie, I used a recolourable version of the spooky walls for the houses. Then I added the pathes, as well as the fences. After some trees, it was done! After that it was time to build some buildings as well as two small kiddie rides. And last but not least I added a shoestring swing ride, which resembles "Hanse Flieger". I also did some other smaller buildings. 


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So, quick update: 

- Finishing touches on scotland area with Nessie

- Recreating "Space Race" indoor Bumber cars (the worst adult attraction at the park)

- Recreating "Kleiner Zar" the little kiddie coaster, which is my number one above Kärnan and Voltron

- Recreating the "Hanse Gardens" (just a big park like area with beautiful trees and flowers as well as two lakes

- some path corrections


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43 minutes ago, Dubaifreak said:

Try uploading your park when you fully finished it.

Of course I will do that. Do you also have "kleiner Zar" as your number one?

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Another quick update today!

- I again focused on the old fair area of the park

- Added the buildings of "Ristorante L'Artista" and "Kleiner Zar Kiosk"

- Added the stage that is located in the area

- recreated the "Blumenmeer Bootsfahrt" (a little boat ride)

- recreated "Schiffschaukel", a pirate ship

- details added to the "Hanse Gardens




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I am really proud to present you the biggest progress yet! I completly finished the "Peterhof of Novgorod Area". This is the area where flucht von Novgorod (Gerstlauer Eurofighter with launch) and Wasserwolf from Ilmensee (Log Flume) are located. There are of course also some smaller rides. So let's start with the update!

- recreated Flucht von Novgorod. It has some really long diagonals. 

- recreated "Wasserwolf am Ilmensee". I had to take some creative liberties there.

- recreated "Tierkinder from Peterhof", which is a little merry go round type ride. It's in my opinion the best looking merry go round I've done.

- recreated "Turm from Peterhof", which is one really undique type of family drop tower. It sadly isn't possible to recreate it perfectly.

- recreated the three shops of the area as well as a backstage area behind the aqua theathre.

I hope you enjoyed reading!


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The last days I did some big things, so it's time for a new update. 

First, I recreated the Water Fun Area of the park. This is by far the worst themed area of the park, I think you could call the theming "generic 80th". 

- Recreated "Super Splash" (Big water ride)

- Recreated "Tiefseilgarten" (little playground)

- Recreated the kiosk "Super Splash"

Then, I finished the entrance area:

- added a lot of buildings

- recreated the "Weltumsegler Restaurant", which is the main restaurant of the park

- recreated some of the bachstage areas

After this it was time to finish up the "old fair" area of the park:

- recreated "Safari Jeeps" (car ride)

- recreated "Luftikus" (little swing ride)

- recreated "Koggenfahrt" (little kids ride)

- recreated "Kinderschiffschaukel" (little swinging ships)

I also recreated the little playground "Wasserspielplatz Roanoke"



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Looks like a promising and nice park ! I would only make the merry-go-round perhaps a hacked version, like this one:

and perhaps those 4 dingy slides more like a working slide or something like this:

I noticed you have a few hacked rides in the park, so you know how it works...

Keep up the good work ;)

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2 hours ago, DriverKaldie said:

Looks like a promising and nice park ! I would only make the merry-go-round perhaps a hacked version, like this one:

and perhaps those 4 dingy slides more like a working slide or something like this:

I noticed you have a few hacked rides in the park, so you know how it works...

Keep up the good work ;)

Thank for those ideas, I really love it when people are giving me inspirations, that's why I am giving updates here. I actually thought about changing the merry go rounds, and this might be something to do when everything is finished. I want to take part in the park creation contest from deurklink with this park, so I have to finish everything in the next months, so I first do the really important things and then smaller things like this. The slide I have in place at the time is more of a placeholder, I will definitely do it like in the tutorial. 

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Today I started working on the wiking thmed area, and recreated the riddie rides that are located there. 

- recreated "Wikinger Bootsfahrt"

- recreated "Flying Orcas"

- recreated the kiddie log flume "Sturmfahrt der Drachenboote"

- recreated "Odins Luftreise"

- recreated "Störtebeckers Floßfahrt", which is a fun ride where guests take a raft to get over a lake. 

- recreated another coaster: Schlange von Mitgard is a gerstlauer family coaster, which has some really great theming elements as well as a darkride part. 

Then, I did supportwork for "the Schwur des Kärnan". The Heart section of the coaster (Herzelement in german) was really difficult to make supports for. 

I also placed a lot of voliage and trees in the area, I think now it looks really nice. Also I did a lot of smaller things.

After that I recreated "Barakuda Slide", which is a big slide. I used the design by open rct2 tutorials, thank you @DriverKaldiefor the idea to use this tutorial!


I hope you enjoy the things I added today!




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I did some nice things since the last update: 

- finished "the schwur des Kärnan" 

- recreated "Crazy Mine" (wild mouse coaster)

- recreated the themed area "Alwidas Welt", a kids section with some awesome theming. This area includes "Alwidas Abendteuerfahrt", another kiddie log flume and "Alwidas Ausguck", a little drop tower. 

- started recreating the western themed area


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