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Issues extracting the files from the RCT2 WW CD

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I had this all working a long time ago on Linux (using the same CD I have now), and I want to get it going again.  I am on Ubuntu 22.04 and hooked into the nightly PPA.  I am using the unshield that comes with Ubuntu 22.04.

I have RCT2/Wacky Worlds CD.  I used unshield -g Minimum -d "PATH-TO-EXTRACT-FILES-TO" x "INSTALLER-LOCATION/data1.hdr".  I got no Minimum group, so I left out the -g Minimum and it extracted 753 files.  There is no DATA folder in the extraction, so the remaining copy commands won't work.

I'm at a loss, can anyone point me to procedures that work for extracting the files from the CD?  Is this method still supported?

Thanks in advance!

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The method is still supported, but it’s been years since I last tried unshield. I also have the CD versions, but I installed RCT2+WW+TT in a wine prefix and just pointed OpenRCT2 to that. I will look into it at some point when I continue work on the manual.

As you mentioned, the game can go for low prices on GOG or Steam, which is generally less faff and a good option if you can spare the money.


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