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Little Challange


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Hey, I  want to build something completly crazy, but also nothing too big. But now to the "Challange". 

Just write a comment what I should build under this post, I will build only the first submission, so be fast. 

Of course I will upload the results here, so stay tuned for this. 

And like I said, it can be everthing. 



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For quick yet difficult challenges, I usually setting unusually tight constraints on the number of tiles used. For example:


In a 12x12 area, build at least 2 coasters of different types and a tracked non-coaster ride. Pick a theme that naturally allows some height in the building while still looking somewhat realistic (for example, a castle or mountain). The rides and pathing should interact and their layout should fit the theming. For extra fun, take some inspiration from Revolution (Bobbejaanland, BE) for one of the coasters (world's longest rollercoaster train).


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Constraints were maybe a bit too tight...
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