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Hey all i am new here and new to OpenRCT2 .I used to play the game through retail cds but i lost all my saves.My ocd cant let me have unchecked parks so ,is there a way to get some saved parks?Or even if i finish them on open rct2 will be shown on the original game?So fark are saved as parks and not as sv6 files.How would i be able to complete those parks ?

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Due to the save file format, as far as I know, you'll have to do them all again. If you're a "pure-ist" then it'll take awhile. If you use the cheats (when enabled) you can just start a park and click the "Win Scenario" button in the cheats. That doesn't mean that you can't go back and play any of them and get a more desirable result. Also to speed up your trip through all the parks, you can enable early completion in the settings (I forget exactly where).

Hope this helps.

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