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Guests with different appearance (Black skin, blonde hair... etc.)


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Imagine, the game spawns guests in different skins and haircolours (Not only clothing in different colours). Thats an idea i have been carrying around for a while now. I think the game could really use some guest diversity. It would look great! What's your opinion about that idea? I think the implementation is within the realm of possibility. After all, only the colours of the sprites need to vary.

The picture seen here is an example I drew for fun.


Coloured guests.jpg

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Changing the appearance of guests is not as easy as you think. There are many, many, many sprites that have to be replicated for every variation, most notably the coaster sprites which show two guests in a single sprite and has to be replicated for every possible combination of variations. As this is done in the coaster sprites, all vehicle objects (including custom ones) have to be updated too, creating a ton of extra work for all coaster vehicle creators.

Adding guest variations has been ruled out by the devs. It's not going to happen.

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