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Hello and THANKYOU

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Hello all, I'm a long time RCT fan from Australia. I loved this game even before I became a professional software engineer and before I learned that it was created by one man in x86 assembly. What a game. What an achievement.

Basically I signed up here primarily to express my heartfelt gratitude to the development team of OpenRCT2 for all the work in reversing and recreating this masterpiece. Thank you! I can see this is a passion project. Long ay it live on.

As an aside, I hope one day that the original code can be made public, mainly to better enable an appreciation of Chris Sawyer's craftsmanship. I would love to read it. There are a growing number of similar publications these days. Fans of 80s 8-bit masterpiece Elite have access to the original source code (with retained copyright - it's not open source) and someone has taken the time to annotate it in detail, even publishing video walkthroughs on YouTube. Other notable source releases include the software for the Apollo Guidance Computer and of course the Id games. I'd argue they've all become even more famous and better appreciated now that they're each a kind of museum piece.

I'll keep my eye out for discussions around such code archaeology in this forum and of course playing OpenRCT 2 which is obviously the best way to appreciate this epic creation.

Thanks again!


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Gday Bloke,

Great to see another Aussie here. :) Especially since we don't really know where others are from. I know that people here hail from pretty much all over the place. :)

I'm no software anything myself, but totally agree, this game in both it's original incarnation and what these people have done to it are brilliant.

Sit back, crack a coldie, and enjoy the game. :)

Ooroo for now.  :)

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