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Anyway to save parks as SV6?

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This is a weird situation but I’ve recently been working on a park in hopes that I can load it into vanilla RCT2 (or RCT Classic on my phone.) The problem is that Open now saves my games as .park files due to the new limitations of the game. I’m gonna guess that RCT2 can’t open said files for obvious reasons. The park I’m making has original RCT2 objects, no custom scenery or cheats and doesn’t break any limitations of the original game. Is there anyway to get it to save as a SV6 file? Or can an older build of OpenRCT open the .park file to save as SV6 of convert it or something?

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No, there is no way to save as .sv6 in recent versions of OpenRCT2. The ability to save as SV6 was dropped because with so many limits expanded, and many new features that only work in .park, it would be complicated to check if a given park is saveable as SV6 and it was deemed not worth the effort to maintain the functionality.

If you want to save .sv6 files, you can use an older version of OpenRCT2 - the last release with the SV6 format was https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/releases/tag/v0.3.5.1. But you won't be able to open .park files in a .sv6 version of OpenRCT2 - there is currently no way to convert an existing .park file to .sv6 unless you add that functionality yourself.


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