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Guest Caps OpenRCT2

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Sup guys. Got a question about Guest Generation in OpenRCT2 parks:

Is there a way around soft/hard guest caps?

I am trying to build a massive park (custom scenario) but it isn't efficient to add more coasters because I can't exceed 7000 guests.

Any help/explanations would be appreciated, thanks

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No idea myself, but wondering if you're being restricted by funds, if so, why not use cheats and go "No Money".

Also, what are you calling "massive" ? I've found that parks of larger than 200x200 struggle more with guests getting lost because it takes them longer to get where they want to go, even with free transport rides.

I've on occasion had more than 7k guests, but rarely. (I've usually filled the available area by then.  :)


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The size of the park is somewhere in the range of 300x300. I construct it so that it is as dense as possible.

Just found it confusing that the most recent openrct2 update made it possible to design scenarios with the goal of reaching up to 50,000 guests. Tried that, and still the same guest cap


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