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Bug - Go-karts vehicles stuck in the middle of the track

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I almost always find that the 1920s cars get stuck on corners. They bottleneck and you have to reset, regardless how many cars I use. Obviously I mean more that one or two.

I can only assume it's the length of the vehicles versus the radius of the curve.

Pity that go-karts have always only had the one curve piece.

The other thing I've noticed is that caveman cars will run along the actual edge of the track (the "ripple" strip). Hopefully those will change in time.

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4 hours ago, andy55699 said:

ah you mean 1920s cars would stuck at the turns by nature? i thought 1920s cars are having the same sizes of typical go-kart vehicles in terms of programming...

If you look a bit closer, they're almost twice the length of the other types.  :) I always want to use the 1920s cars, but I get too frustrated with them getting stuck and having to reset the ride.

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