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I have no plugin folder...

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Hi to everyone!

I'm relatively new to OpenRCT2 (but not to the game, playing it since my childhood) and wanted to add plugins. So I looked up what I had to do, downloaded the scripts and wanted to put it in the 'plugin'-folder. But...there is no 'plugin'-folder...🙈 I searched and searched, but it seems that I don't have one in the typical path: C:\Users\'username'\Documents\OpenRCT2

Then I tried to create a 'plugin-folder' and booted the game, but it didn't work. I really don't have any answer to solve this problem...
I hope someone of you can help me.

Thanks in advance, mariecurry

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The path you mentioned is correct, and the plugin folder should've been created there by the game automatically when it boots. Since it's missing, I suspect that either you're running a very old build that doesn't have plug-in support, or for some reason your user-data-directory is set to some other folder. What version of the game are you running exactly?

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Thanks a lot, I could solve the problem! I used Version 0.2.6 and it seemed it have no plugin-feature. Now I downloaded the newest version 0.4.3 and everything works fine! I'm sorry, I could have come up with this thought in the first place to update my version of OpenRCT2...🙈
But thanks again for your help and reply!😄

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