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Getting bank loan would lead to a greater debt

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  • andy55699 changed the title to Getting bank loan would lead to a greater debt

An update: I am able to reproduce the bug.

When the cash count over around +$1040, the cash count will turn red and become debt (without "-" sign)


Attached please find the park saved before the cash count hit +$1040. You will see the bug when it hits +$1040.

And I tried using cheats which won't help. It would just turn back to debts from time to time.

Thanks a lot!

Sixflags - bug reproduce.park

sifxfags2023-03-23 00-24-07.png

sifxfags2023-03-23 00-24-23.png

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This error was fixed. The build you were using was unfortunately from between when this bug was introduced and when it was fixed.

The attached park seems to be in this state already. Do you have a save from before it suddenly changed?

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