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Another scenario that isn't completing

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Octagon Park requires 10 different roller coasters to be built with a minimum length of 1200m. I've done this and after several minutes the scenario still doesn't complete. I have this with a previous similar scenario but can't find that post, that one was Volcania (if I remember right).

There is no time limit, guess number, or park rating, just 10 coasters greater than 1200m length.


Octagon Park 2023-03-12 13-23-09.png

Octagon Park -- Extreme.park

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One of the requirements of the roller coaster in this scenario is that the excitement rating has to reach 7.00

And I see that your stand-up coaster doesn't fulfill that excitement rating.


As a suggestion, since Standup roller coaster is hard to have a high excitement rating by nature, you could try another coaster type to complete the scenario. 


btw your mini/junior roller coaster doesn't fulfil excitement rating 7.0 either.

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DOH !!

You're absolutely correct. I completely missed that one. Sorry about the post in that case.  :(

And I thought I'd gotten both of them. Must have mistaken the six for and eight.

(not an excuse) I can't find suitable colour contrasts, so often have troubles with the black text looking a bit blurry

until I get really close to the screen.


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